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POLICAR TRACK - Information page

In 2018 a completely new track system from Policar (part of the range) is coming.

As we have all come to expect from, innovation is at the core of their business and they have created a special patent pending track system geometry, which will be disclosed on release.

The system is planned initially for four lanes, soon to be expanded to six in the second half of 2018. The track is in hard plastic, with textured surface to guarantee excellent grip even without traction magnets.

Lane spacing is 90mm. Borders are wider than competing tracks, measuring 60mm in width, with a triple guardrail as well as a simpler ribbon type one. An adapter for the Ninco track system is also being made.

Digital lane changing system and extension to eight lanes is planned for 2019.

The tooling for this slot cars track system is well underway and will be on display at the Nuernberg Toy Fair in February.

  • Model: INFO PAGE
  • Manufactured by: POLICAR